Glamping: Hot Trend for 2020

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What IS Glamping?

As I have gracefully belly-flopped into my 40s (thank you 2020) I have come to a very important conclusion.  I need to have a comfortable bed to sleep in.  Don’t get me wrong, over the years I have slept on some strange beds.  I use the word “bed” VERY loosely.  For your enjoyment, I’ve listed a few of my sleeping arrangements below.

Not my idea of a great night’s sleep.

A sleeping bag on the ground (with rocks digging into my spine): check.  

Camping cot (that sags in the middle): check.  

Airbed (that deflates within the first 20 minutes): check. 

Floor of an airport (the ick level on this one was pretty high): check.

Connect with nature without giving up your creature comforts.

Y’all I am DONE with that.  My old creaky bones say NO MORE!


When I first told Phil that I wanted to go “glamping”, he thought I had made the word up.  Seriously, he gave me THAT face.  Ladies, you know the one.  The one where your significant other raises their eyebrow at you?  In his defense, it does sound like a made-up word.  

However it is real and I only wish that I had been the person smart enough to create the wonder that is “glamping”.  Basically “glamping” is glamorous camping. defines glamping as “the activity of camping with some of the comforts and luxuries of home”.  Glamping is perfect for the person who is looking to truly connect with nature but wants more than primitive tent campsites generally offer.

Glamping accommodations can vary greatly.  Some glamping sites are simply heavy duty tents with heaters and REAL beds.  But not just beds, many of them look and feel like staying in a luxury hotel room that has been dropped in the middle of woods.  Some are tree houses with awe-inspiring views from the top of a forest canopy. Wanting to try staying in a travel trailer? Head over to Outdoorsy or RVShare to rent one for your trip.Other options can include yurts, travel trailers and even cabins.  

So if you aren’t quite ready to throw on a backpack and sleep in a tent, give glamping a try.  You won’t regret it!

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