7 Reasons People Don’t Camp (and why I think you should!)

Whenever we tell people we are going camping we often receive negative reactions.  Not negative towards us, but just about camping in general.  Some of these negative feelings come from a poor previous camping experience or simply from people not having gone camping before. When we first started camping I found myself saying many of these to my husband.

*Side note, if you are one of the people who loves camping as much as we do, feel free to share what you love about camping in the comments.  

Reason #1:  “I don’t have time.”

Make time.  Seriously, I have never regretted spending time in nature.  Get outdoors. Take yourself somewhere that has terrible cell reception and a great view of the stars at night. There is a wealth of literature coming out that discusses mankind’s need to connect to the outdoors.  Look for some of our favorite articles and books in a later post.

Reason #2:  “I can’t camp.”

I’m never 100% sure what people mean when they say this, but….yes, you can!  I believe in you!  Camping can be done in a variety of ways and ONE of them is bound to work for you.  So tent camping isn’t your thing. Have you considered renting an RV? Going glamping? Booking a cabin for a few days? Who knows, you might even decide to become a regular camper!

Reason #3: “Aren’t there bugs? I don’t do bugs.” 

Yes, there are bugs.  Are the little rascals sometimes annoying?  Absolutely.  But, they are many of them that are also BEAUTIFUL! One of my favorite times of year is early summer when the Oklahoma evenings are still cool and the night sky is twinkling with fireflies.

Reason #4: “My kids are too little.”

L’s first backyard campout!

We are an active family. We always have been.  We drag our kids everywhere with us: state parks, cross country road trips, international flights, etc. Does it all go perfectly?  Nope. Do our kids get whiny?  Yep.

But, if you want to become a traveling family you just need to start.  We took our oldest on his first “camping” trip when he was under 2 years old.  It was a rip-roaring trip to (drum roll) the backyard.  We set up a tent and he spent the night with his daddy under the stars.  Backyard camping is the best place to start the outdoor adventure with your little people.  

Reason #5:  “I don’t have any camping gear.”

If you don’t have gear and don’t want to spend the money right away consider borrowing or renting what you may need.  In the last year I have reached out to friends and family and supplemented gear for 2 different trips.  If you aren’t comfortable borrowing from friends, consider renting your gear.  Check out our post on planning for two great gear rental companies.

Reason #6: “Camping bathrooms freak me out.”

In all honesty, there are some park facilities that are pretty sketchy.  However, this summer especially I have been impressed by the level of cleanliness that Oklahoma has dedicated to its State Parks.  If you still aren’t comfortable using public facilities, you might want to consider renting a travel trailer, motorhome or cabin where the only people using the restroom during your trip are your people.  

Reason #7: “I don’t even know where to start planning.” 

I hear you. It can feel overwhelming. Which is why we are here.   To help you plan, prepare, and enjoy a great camping trip at one of our favorite Oklahoma State Parks, campgrounds, or that National Park you have always wanted to visit. Post a comment below or email us to help you get started.

What are you waiting for? Get camping!

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