Don’t Forget The Duct Tape

Helping others enjoy camping. That’s the main goal of our blog. Tara and I love camping and we love helping people. Admittingly, she’s grown to love camping more as we have stepped up to owning a travel trailer instead of using tents. I’ve spent most of my life tent camping and greatly enjoy it. When the idea came up to start this blog I immediately knew it was something Tara and I would both enjoy and benefit from. I hope you benefit from it as well. The combination of camping and helping others is a great fit. 

In fact, on one of our camping trips last month, I had the opportunity to help a fellow camper. The story really is an example of what this blog is about. 

Tara and our boys were napping in the camper and I was sitting in my camp chair, enjoying the quiet afternoon as a car pulled up into an adjacent camping spot. The couple, in their 30-40s, got out and started setting up camp. They looked around at the spot and decided where their tent should go. I dozed off, watched the hawks (making lazy circles in the sky…) and generally just enjoyed the sights and sounds of camping. I could tell there was some frustration as my attention returned to our new neighbors. 

Their tent was about 50% erected but the poles were not lining up and they couldn’t seem to get it to fully support itself. I watched for a moment and could tell what the problem was. I’m familiar with the style of tent they had. I used a similar version many times with my parents. My dad still uses this particular tent and I had seen it set up perfectly just a month before. I had an internal debate about being an intrusive neighbor and if I would be “that guy” if I went over to offer my help. I decided it was worth the risk of embarrassment and got up to see if I could help. They were pleasant and appreciative of the help. As we worked to get it set up it was clear that one of the poles had been bent and cracked in their attempt to force it in a direction it shouldn’t have gone. 

My new friend thought he could fix it with some pliers and duct tape, but he didn’t have any. “Let me get my tool kit, I’ve got both.” I said. I returned and we got the pole fixed and the tent was 100% ready for their evening. He said he would pack duct tape next time. I mentioned it’ll be right next door if he needs it this trip. 

Always pack duct tape!

The next day as we were leaving we saw him throwing away his tent. “I’ll get a new one for the next campout!” He told me from across the road. We shared a laugh. “Don’t forget the duct tape!” I yelled as we pulled away from the campground to head home. 

Camping can bring frustrations and mishaps, like a broken pole or missing supplies. But these hiccups don’t have to ruin your trip. There are always friendly people around to help. Tara and I can’t be at all the campsites to help, but we will offer help and friendship wherever we are. We hope this blog and resources will help you learn from our experience and get insider tips on camping, especially in Oklahoma. 


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